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Tales from the Gateway

Experience the world you love as you’ve never seen it before…

From best-selling author E.E. Holmes comes a collection of short stories that will take you on an unforgettable journey into the lives of your favorite characters from The Gateway Trilogy and The Gateway Trackers. Go back in time and explore Fairhaven Hall with Karen and Elizabeth when they were just Apprentices. Hear in her own words how Savvy discovered the truth about her gift when she was only four-years-old, and how a fateful visit from a future High Priestess revealed her calling as a Durupinen. Follow Finn on his dangerous journey at Skye Príosún when he and Jess were torn apart, unsure if they would ever see each other again. These and many other thrilling tales await you between the covers of this new companion novel.

Rediscover the World of the Gateway through the eyes of the characters you love most, as well as some you’ve never heard from before. It’s time to open the Gateway again, and see what new adventures await.

Tales from the Gateway is a companion novel to E.E. Holmes’ World of the Gateway series.