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Daughters of Sea and Storm

Experience a whole new adventure in
the World of the Gateway Series

“And what is your destiny, Little Bird? Who will you be?”

Sixteen-year-old Wren Vesper is just like every other kid she knows: trying to survive high school and figure out what she wants to do with her life. But when news of her grandmother’s death reaches her, she discovers she is not like everyone else, and that question about what to do with her life may no longer be hers to answer. Wren and her mother return to Sedgwick Cove, the tiny coastal Maine town where her mother grew up, and there she learns the truth about the family she barely knows: the Vespers aren’t just a family: they’re a coven.

Centuries ago, a bargain was struck and a powerful spell cast: As long as three Vesper witches lived in Sedgwick Cove, the town would be safe from the dark forces that threatened its borders. Wren’s mother reluctantly agrees to take her own mother’s place as the third Vesper witch, but when she disappears under mysterious circumstances, it falls to Wren to navigate the dark and winding world of witchcraft she never knew existed.

Can Wren step into her own power before it’s too late?

Daughters of Sea and Storm: The Vesper Coven Book 1, is the first in a thrilling new series set in the World of the Gateway by E.E. Holmes.