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Rise of the Coven

Welcome back to Fairhaven, sweetness.

A dark magic seeks to rise even as the dust settles…

It’s been more than a year since Jess and Hannah Ballard fought to return the power of the Gateways where it rightfully belongs, and the Durupinen world is slowly adjusting to its altered relationship with the spirit world. At first, Jess is hopeful— women are joining the Caomhnóir to train as guardians, and life at Fairhaven castle has settled into a new school year. But whispers of a new threat are creeping through the halls, and it soon becomes clear that not everyone is happy to see the balance of power restored. A dangerous experiment in unfamiliar magic is threatening to throw into chaos all that the Durupinen have fought to protect. Will Jess, Hannah, Finn, Milo, and the others be able to unravel the mystery in time, or will the spirit world once again be at the mercy of madness?

Rise of the Coven is the eighth installment and highly anticipated return to E.E. Holmes’ Gateway Trackers series.