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Heart of the Rebellion

A battle looms, and she could lose everything…

Again and again, the same dreadful prediction…a remote prison fortress, a fierce battle, an unthinkable outcome.

For Jess Ballard, the signs could not be clearer; if the Durupinen want to maintain their control over the Gateways to the spirit world, they will have to battle for them at the ancient Skye Príosún, where even now a rebellion is brewing, ready to burst the barriers of the ancient stronghold. It is a near-impossible proposition. The very ranks of their protectors have been breached, and it is only a matter of time before the trust between Caomhnóir and Durupinen has all but disintegrated. The only chance the Durupinen have is to infiltrate the príosún from within—with nothing left to lose, Jess volunteers herself for the job.

But the dangers are very real. The Caomhnóir of the príosún have been compromised. Jess does not know who she can trust inside—even her once unshakable bond with Finn Carey is being tested. If she chooses wrongly—forms the wrong alliance or makes the wrong gamble—the fate of the spirit world could hang in the balance. The challenges are formidable… but so is the young woman facing them.

Heart of the Rebellion: The Gateway Trackers Book 5 is the eighth of 10 thrilling paranormal page-turners in “The World of the Gateway” series by E.E. Holmes.