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Gift of the Darkness

A warning from the past, an uncertain future, an impossible choice…

For hundreds of years, the Durupinen have carried the power of the Gateway in their bloodlines. Now, a dire warning from the past might mean that power must come to an end. Jess Ballard has often considered her gift a curse — but now it may truly become one, unless she can convince the leaders of the Durupinen world to restore the power of the Gateways where it rightly belongs. The Durupinen have always considered themselves a force for what is good in the world, but has the intoxication of power left them unable to distinguish between what is right and wrong?

Jess, Hannah, Milo, and their allies are in a race against time as they gather together the most influential Durupinen from around the world to join the fight. As the Necromancer threat looms, and the Durupinen leaders battle over which course to take, Jess must travel her own path, look within herself and ask: How far will she go to right an ancient wrong, and will her connection to the spirit world survive it?

Gift of the Darkness is the highly-anticipated seventh installment in The Gateway Trackers series by E.E. Holmes.